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Commercial Office Furniture & Space Planning

Furniture + Flow That Works As Hard As You Do 

Environment has a profound impact on productivity, well-being and efficiency, even culture. With more than 250 collective years of experience and 200+ manufacturers under our roof, and 1500+ projects from coast-to-coast under our belts, every workspace we design and furnish is functional AND beautiful.

Facility Planners, Inc. (FPI) is an award-winning corporate office furniture and space planning company in Nashville, TN. From test-fit services to a full spectrum of commercial design and furniture procurement solutions, our collaborative team of experienced professionals can bring your vision to life. 

Facility Planners, Inc. (FPI) is a Kimball International dealer. 

Our Process

Facility Planners, Inc. Process for Commercial Office Furniture & Space Planning projects
Facility Planners understood the direction we wanted to go, was very responsive to our suggestions, and worked well with the design committee from our volunteer board to create a warm and friendly space that is unlike a sterile hospital setting.

– Patrick Clemons

Commercial Office Furniture

Since 1995, FPI has beautifully furnished commercial workspaces for a wide range of industries across the United States.

We’re proud to be an established Kimball International dealer, who manufactures all of their products domestically. We also leverage products from a rich variety of more than 200 other manufacturers. This ensures our talented, creative staff have access to exactly the right products needed to deliver an exceptional result on your project.

Commercial Design

Sure, we deliver commercial design services at no charge when clients purchase furniture from us. But that doesn’t mean we spend ten minutes choosing a desk or chair out of a catalog.

We’re all in, with best-in-class skills that will delight you.

Our savvy, experienced commercial designers are 100% committed to your success, ready to transform your vision into exactly the right colors, textures, furniture and decor. It’s the kind of skill and attention to detail that creates something more than just the sum of its parts.

Let’s transform your space together.

Custom Office Furniture

We’re not about selling furniture, we’re about creating functional, useful workspaces that fit your brand’s identity and purpose.

Sometimes that means a custom solution is needed. Maybe it’s a combination of a desk base from one manufacturer, combined with a uniquely sized top from another. Or perhaps it’s a custom wall mural that brings a room to life with wildly vibrant colors that somehow perfectly embodies the spirit of a company’s culture.

Our designers can skillfully craft a completely custom office furniture plan that somehow manages to create exactly the right vibe and work flow you’re looking for.

It’s 100% unique, and all yours.

Space Planning

By combining our skills in space planning and interior design, and products from hundreds of manufacturers, FPI delivers a smart, functional work space
plan with flow that makes sense.

From the perfect workstation components to ergonomics, lighting and upholstery choices, we think through every single detail.

We’ll be there during delivery and installation, too, making sure each piece is flawless, and placed in exactly the right location to bring that space plan to life.

Office Test-Fits

When a client has an empty space to fill, we offer a test-fit process that evaluates every inch of that space. It’s the perfect way to ensure a floorplan meets the needs of your organization. Will it fit the number of work stations, offices, and meeting spaces you’ll need? And will it accommodate the future growth you expect?

A fit-out won’t have the same level of detail that a space plan will have, in terms of the overall look and feel—and it won’t define the furniture, fixtures and equipment that creates the external appearance—but it will tell you whether the space can accommodate your needs.

It’s a smart step to make before you commit to a space long-term so you can confidently sign the contract.


Financing available up to $200,000 through our fintech partner, Horizon Keystone Financial – no financials required, with 24-72-month terms.

Strong financials available? Then you can bundle a total project into one payment, with loans ranging from $5,000 all the way up to $1,000,000.

Looking for a new or refreshed workspace that inspires innovation and empowers your team? Contact us today to learn how FPI can help. We’re a full service commercial office furniture and space planning company serving the Greater Nashville area.


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