What is the most important thing employees want from their employers in today’s new working environment?

That was a question we asked in a recent survey we posted on social media. Not surprisingly, most of the things employees thought were important before the pandemic, weren’t as important now. And that makes perfect sense since a large number of employees are still working remotely.

One thing we found that was surprising? Out of all the responses we received, 50% of those working from home are still doing that work from their kitchen or dining room table rather than at a desk or in a dedicated office.

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Moving on up: moving to a new city for a fresh start

New city, new start, new you. Moving to a different place can be an excellent way to bounce back after experiencing a difficult time. However, there’s a lot to consider before you make the big leap, so read on to see how you can have a smooth and successful transition.

Find a Home

With some budgeting and research, your dream of homeownership can be within your reach. Home affordability varies between cities,

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