Moving on up: moving to a new city for a fresh start

New city, new start, new you. Moving to a different place can be an excellent way to bounce back after experiencing a difficult time. However, there’s a lot to consider before you make the big leap, so read on to see how you can have a smooth and successful transition.

Find a Home

With some budgeting and research, your dream of homeownership can be within your reach. Home affordability varies between cities, so take a careful look at your finances to decide what location works best for your situation. Determine your space needs, and take proximity to transportation, popular destinations, and your workplace into consideration during your search. Check home prices in your desired city and contact a realtor who can help you navigate the home-buying process. Also, remember that renting a home or apartment can be a good option, as it doesn’t require a large down payment, and the terms of the lease can be fairly flexible.

Hiring movers is an important part of making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Do thorough research on prospective moving companies, and read online reviews to get insight into other customers’ experiences. Contact companies of interest, and obtain a written estimate for timing and costs. Legitimate moving companies always complete an in-home inspection before providing you with a quote.

Hit the Town

Living somewhere new is only fun if you get out there and explore. If you’re looking to make connections as a newcomer, use online platforms, such as Meetup, to find activities and events happening in your city. Now is also the time to step away from working from home all the time if you have a remote job. You can enjoy all the benefits of an office and even meet people when you take advantage of coworking spaces.   Coworking spaces help boost your creativity by giving you the opportunity to connect with other people.   

Additionally, look into volunteering opportunities in your community, whether it’s assisting with maintaining a communal garden or tutoring kids at the local library. Finally, it’s a fact that pet ownership can help you develop social relationships, so you may want to add a furry friend to your new home.

Lean Into Healthy Living

A change in location can be a great opportunity to make other positive life changes. From checking out local gyms to taking regular walks around your new neighborhood, there are many ways to stay active while becoming familiar with your new community. For clean eating options, explore farmers’ markets, and consider joining a produce co-op if your community has one.

Moving a Business

If you’ve got an established business, you’re probably packing it up and taking it with you to your new home. Check into the requirements and rules for moving your business to a new city or state and be sure to consider all the necessary details. For example, if you need to register as an LLC in your new location, consider using a formation service instead of a lawyer to save on legal expenses.

Make Your Move

Moving to a new place can be daunting, but it can also give you the freedom and motivation you need to pursue a fresh start after hitting a rough patch. Pick the best city for you, make the move, get involved, and focus on your health to get the most out of your new home.

Whether you’re looking to outfit new office space or if you’re looking for a coworking space to escape working from home, Facility Planners is dedicated to helping you create or find the perfect work environment.

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